theSauerReport website has undergone a major makeover to include new features that make it stand out from other similar leather industry online reports. Truly global in coverage, it is an essential tool for any business in the leather and leather products supply chain; helping them decide the best time and place to source their raw materials or semi-processed leathers.

The new design is modern, easy to understand, and a number of new features have been incorporated to enhance the user experience and assist with their business decisions.

Two unique site features include ‘The Sauer Indexes’ and the new ‘Knowledge Centre’. Prices and information are updated daily offering exclusive price graphs and tables to subscribers. Unlike other similar reports, theSauerReport is focused on a truly international basket of raw materials covering at least 50 countries through its price data reports. It also includes information on small skins which make up a third of global trade.

Knowledge Centre

theSauerReport offers subscribers additional leather industry related reports – the first of its kind available to the leather industry. The Knowledge Centre includes special features by ILM which are divided into the following categories including environmental reports, country and company profiles, technical and scientific papers which are specifically leather industry related and written by true industry experts.

The Sauer Indexes

Unique to theSauerReport, the “Sauer Indexes” are the equivalent of the Dow Jones Industrial index but specifically for the leather industry. Four different Index figures are collated, regularly covering the world’s most internationally traded hides and skins.

Allowing subscribers to access all the market information they need, the new advanced and interactive platform includes custom data views, custom reports and the possibility to export directly to Microsoft office documents, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Each country is set out as an individual report, and a summary of each day’s updates can be seen in a quick and simple to read ‘World View’ section, which will be sent to subscribers through an email alert function.

Established by the former Dutch trader, Ron Sauer in 1985, who has been in the business for over 40 years, the website is now managed by the publishers of ILM. Sauer will remain as a consultant to theSauerReport sharing his vast knowledge of the industry which will continue to carry on his name.

“theSauerReport is another tool in the toolbox each person or business can refer to, to help them decide the best time and place to source their raw materials or semi-processed leathers”, says Ron Sauer.

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