The tender aims to identify a new technical partner which will be entrusted with the design, implementation and management of the new plant, as well as hold the majority stake of up to 70% in a newly formed company, NewCo, which will manage the site until 2050 as part of a 30-year-contract. Companies have until December 23, 2019 to submit their bids. 

The plant will be built under a framework program agreement signed in 2005 and renewed in 2017 by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and the Veneto Region. The agreement aims to rehabilitate the river system of Fratta Gorzone, for the purpose of safeguarding water resources and the environment by using new technologies as an alternative to landfill. 

Arzignano’s tannery district is located in the Veneto Region, in the North East of Italy. Acque del Chiampo and Medio Chiampo collectively produce 35,000 tonnes of dried sludge per year, resulting from the treatment of wastewater from industry and households. At present, the dried sludge is disposed in landfills whose capacity will be exhausted over the next five years. The partner identified through the tender will be in charge of the identification of the area where to build the new plant. The plant, however, must not be located in the municipalities of the Valle del Chiampo Basin Council.

“With this tender, we guarantee the continuity of the district’s activities for the next thirty years,” commented Andrea Pellizzari, CEO of Acque del Chiampo.

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