Leathers tanned with Stahl EasyWhite Tan are very soft and smooth, while remaining dimensionally and thermally stable. The collagen fibres are less damaged during the tanning process, resulting in tighter grain and wrinkle reduction, hence, upgrading the leather quality. The stronger fibres make the leather more durable, tear resistant and greatly versatile, enabling thinner and lighter leather.

“Some tanneries are reluctant to switch over to alternatives for traditional methods. New things always take some time, especially when it comes to new processing,” says Chantsal Batsaikhan, Manager of the Mongolian tannery Nekhii. “Generally speaking, you need to retrain the workers but, in this case, you do not need to since Stahl EasyWhite Tan works with the same technology as traditional methods, only with less processing steps. This makes the new method all the more interesting, since it saves time and energy”, she adds.

As designers and purchasers increasingly take more sustainable options for leather production into account, the chrome-free tanning system meets the growing demand for more sustainable leather without compromising on product quality and usability.