Ecco Leather’s Hot-Shop three-day workshop was set up as an open source for the tannery’s emerging technologies, and as an alternative to industry events and trade shows. Held at Ecco Leather tannery in Dongen, the Netherlands, the invite-only workshop involves designers, as well as artists, material specifiers, marketers and leather technicians from the worlds of fashion, industrial design, furniture and electronics. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event itself is to take place on a specially-built platform that will host a 24/7 livestream connection with the tannery in Dongen. Participants will work together in virtual rooms to design leather concepts, which will then be developed with Ecco Leather’s designers and technicians. 

“The Experiment very much fits with Ecco Leather’s design philosophy: to create an industry more built around customisation than waste. Why build a huge collection if only 5-10% is even sold?”, said Ecco Leather. “Tanneries should continually spend energy in creating new technologies and investigating new techniques that give leather new unique looks and performances, which are based on the real-time desires of the public, brands and retailers,” said Panos Mytaros, CEO, Ecco Leather. “So, let’s take a leap into the future of the leather industry. Imagine custom leather design, bookable in sprints focussing on specific aspects; may it be making the product more beautiful or the production smarter or cleaner. And that’s how we set up The Experiment; as a digital interactive platform that will allow creatives to remotely design and develop leather, using our knowledge and facilities”, he added.