During the half-day event on Friday, September 23, Taccon will discuss the contribution of Ecotan leather to a zero-waste concept in designing the car of the future.

In her presentation, she will cover how, with greater awareness of the environmental impact of materials used in vehicles, Silvateam has devised Ecotan, a ground-breaking tanning technology to obtain high-performing leathers free from metals, aldehydes and other hazardous substances.

Taccon, who is Ecotan Project Director at Silvateam, will explain how, at the end of their life cycle, leathers, leather scraps and shavings can return to nature, as they are upcycled into a bio-fertiliser for organic farming, feeding the planet in a truly sustainable way.

The ILM Automotive Leather Supply Chain 2022 Conference will take place on September 23, 2022, the day after Lineapelle finishes, at the NH Collection President five-star hotel in central Milan, Italy.

About the speaker

Alessandra Taccon has previously served in the material technology, design and pharma-chemical industries for more than 20 years and is currently leading Silvateam’s Biocircular Ecotan Project for tanning leathers sustainably.

Experienced in devising global strategies to develop new business opportunities, turn around critical markets and drive sustainable change. Sustainability has always been pivotal to her for the generation of nature-inspired innovations and continuous growth.

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