Deforestation in Brazil remains a major concern for corporate investors and consumer stakeholders alike, especially surrounding traceability of leather back to the source farm and the legalities of the farm’s operations. Supply chain traceability is essential for brands and retailers to understand not only the origins of material sources in their global supply chain, but to also understand whether their suppliers are abiding by the correct legislation and ethical practices. The situation in Brazil surrounding the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest appears to grow ever more politically tense. Currently, the financial rewards of farming far outweigh the value of retaining the rainforest habitat which increases the risk of illegal land-grabbing and deforestation for farming purposes. This, coupled with an apparent rise in deforestation and violence against activists, causes environmentalists to accuse the Brazilian government of driving legislation that will benefit loggers in the Amazon region, leaving the native people and the rainforest environment with little protection and virtually no security. Furthermore, deforestation in Brazil is an emotive issue and it is often difficult for organisations to obtain correct information and form a balanced view of the topic.

Simon Hall is the Manager of the Tropical Forest and Agriculture Programme at the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). He leads NWF’s portfolio of work on cattle and soy in Latin America. Simon serves as NWF’s liaison to the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) and the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock and will look to present a balanced view of the current situation.

National Wildlife Federation (NWF)

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is one of the oldest and largest wildlife conservation and education organisations in the U.S., and has over six million members and supporters across 50 state and territorial affiliates. For the past thirty years, NWF has worked to protect wildlife habitat in key regions across the tropics.

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