This time innovation is real and somehow it potentially looks like a big one for the industry. At the last edition of Simac Tanning Tech, Elitron, the Italian manufacturer of digital cutting solutions, announced it has further developed its patented image recognition technology “Seeker System” in order to make it suitable for leather cutting operations. After being introduced in 2008 as a game changing innovation for the digital printing and packaging industry, Seeker System has since granted users with considerable time savings on each cutting process initialization, and with an unprecedented simplification of the overall cutting preparation tasks.

The technology, which is made by a highly advanced software and a camera system, makes the machine capable of recognising where images and reference marks are located over the working area and automatically re-center the cutting path avoiding the effects of potential distortions. Then, cutting can start with a single click with huge efficiency gains for the operator. This innovation received a warm welcome by many industry operators, especially those who frequently work on standardised leather panels and need a higher cutting accuracy in case of finishing operations on WIP components. Hence, it will now be possible to finally automate processes that were used carried out manually or with the use of pre-arranged templates.

The Seeker system has been fully developed to be featured on Elitron’s brand new cutting solution, Plaza T , which is designed for applications on big sized leathers and more critical materials largely adopted in industries like furniture, saddlery and automotive.

Additionally, to make Seeker System even more functional for leather cutting operators, Elitron’s R&D pushed the capabilities of this technology even further, allowing it to communicate with the video projection system so that it provides the cutting system with hints on the rough position of the reference marks. Then, Seeker System does the rest thanks to its electronic eye.

Now operators will simply have to project the pre-nested virtual dies over the working area, place the material, either printed leather or other printed materials, over the projected area and initialise the cutting process. Seeker System, therefore, ensures a greater cutting precision, grants a higher quality for the finished product and, by shortening the initialisation process, increases overall productivity.