Therefore, there are not going to be just make overs of consolidated systems but actual technological upgrades and a new product release for an industry that is increasingly looking for efficiency, consumption improvements and reliability time in and time out on the attempt to reach nonstop workflow automation.

New Plaza TH leather cutter

Let’s start with the most relevant update: the newly released cutting system Plaza TH. The digital cutting solution that will be showcased, is going to be equipped with a full configuration on a working area 4m long and 2.5m wide; however, the Plaza TH series can also count on a longer version of up to 6.2m. Specifically designed for large skin processing typical of industries like furniture and automotive upholstery, Plaza TH stands out for an independent dual beam gantry system, a reliable technology that Elitron introduced 15 years ago and that it has been mastering ever since. This dual gantry system is featured with multi tool cutting heads that can be equipped with up to 5 different tools. Thanks to the powerful software K2, internally developed by Elitron’s software house, the beams can freely move on the entire working area and, also, the workload of the two-cutting head gets smoothed and dynamically balanced so that no bottlenecks will be encountered during the job execution, each job is delivered in the shortest time possible and the overall workflow is continuous.

The introduction of a leather cutting solution such as Plaza TH does not simply represent the addition of a new product but rather it is a new step forward in the way companies can improve their workflow because Plaza TH is aimed at optimizing the overall throughput from scanning, to nesting all the way to materials collection. Thanks to the plaza TH, it is possible to manage the material nesting either manually directly on the cutting table or automatically on Elitron’s VISIO scanning tables so that the workflow becomes more streamlined and the cutting system is constantly working. Alternatively, this process can be carried out from remote through the software OPERA. This new approach comes very helpful for complex bulk productions because the workflow is streamlined in a focused three step process from skins acquisition on VISIO tables, to remotely performed nesting on OPERA software to, eventually, cutting with high performances on the Plaza TH. This revolutionary approach also enables companies to perform the nesting on the entire skins stock instead of a skin by skin basis thus reaching a new level in reducing overall material consumption.

Kudos series

Additionally, there will be on display two revamped versions of the Kudos series which particularly suited for operating on synthetic rolls of materials, garments and leather hides typical of the fashion industry. Kudos cutting systems feature two multi tool independent cutting heads, which can be equipped with oscillating electric or pneumatic blades, and a conveyor belt working area. These cutting systems guarantee extreme reliability, cutting quality and productivity on a reduced footprint can be interfaced with every CAD software thus providing the user with the utmost flexibility and ease of use even on complex jobs. The upgrades introduced at SIMAC will be about design enhancements, improved electronics and bi-directional conveyor motion

Once again, what makes the difference is the integration between software and cutting technology. To provide the users with enhanced performances and time savings, the software NESCUT allows the automatic nesting on printed materials according to the rules imposed by the designers.     

New releases and upgrades will go hand in hand at Elitron’s booth at Simac. The consolidated and bestselling leather cutting solutions of the Booster ICE series will be operating on show. Each ICE series cutting system features premium technological craftsmanship, user friendly and sleek design along with the high performances that Elitron’s Booster ICE cutting solutions have always been providing.


Visit the Elitron booth at Simac: Hall 14 – Stand D27.

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