Over the last few years, as other industries (such as automotive and food) have embraced and invested in new technologies, hides, skins, by-products and leather producers have largely skirted their responsibility to take concrete steps to genuinely improve the sustainability credentials of the entire industry. However, as end customers are becoming more vigilant and large multinational corporations are coming under increasing scrutiny from their investors and NGOs, the pressure to ‘do something about it’ is starting to grow.

Over the last year, many large industry players have pledged not only to invest in transparency that builds trust, but also in traceability which ensures accountability.

Hidexe, a Luxembourg-based SaaS developer, has recently launched an app that will help the entire industry to quickly migrate to a new global, cloud-based digital procurement platform that will achieve tangible progress with respect to both transparency and traceability in a short span of time.

Hidexe’s transactional software (enabling do-it-yourself auctions, RFPs, online negotiations, documentation, fulfilment etc.) was built with a specific goal: to help the leather industry migrate from inadequate and re-purposed (mostly analogue) procurement solutions that have been left in place for way too long. The prevalent reliance on unsynchronised Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, emails and physical meetings is not only inhibiting growth and profitability but is also preventing the leather industry from genuinely improving its transparency and traceability.

Hidexe.com offers the world’s only B2B transaction software for hides, skins, leather and by-products. This digital solution gives professional buyers, sellers, traders and agents powerful integrated tools that make complex procurement transactions easy and auditable. Best of all, Hidexe software is very affordable and HSaaS fees are purely volumetric, which means that there are no upfront investment costs.

So, if there’s a will to change, there’s a way.

*This article is an advertorial provided by Hidexe