Schill + Seilacher, who are headquartered in Germany will launch several new waterproofing and fatliquoring compunds at the upcoming All China Leather Exhibition in Shanghai between August 31 – September 2, 2015. An outline of each new compound is as follows:

Perfectol TE is a waterproof booster that considerably improves the surface barrier and with it the waterproof performance. This enables the leather to pass even the most advanced test results.

Perfectol TG is a high performance waterproofing compound. With just the single product in the recipe, even the highest standards will be met. Because it is oil-free, it will provide a very even surface to the leather.

Perfectol W2 is a multi-purpose, wax-based water repellent. It will strengthen the inner barrier of the leather and is ideal for tight shoe upper leather.

Lipsol ABA is a polymeric-synthetic fatliquor with the highest performance. Leathers are light in weight, tight in grain and have a high tear strength. Resultant leathers will also possess a very high inner softness which is sought after in garment leathers.

Lipsol ACL is a polymer supported lecithin fatliquor for high performance automotive leathers. This sustainable product will create lightweight, super strong leathers with a tight grain and superior cutting yield.

Limanol GEW works as an equaliser and penetrator for waterproof leathers. Defects are less highlighted and it can be used at a lower pH, even during the wet-blue washing process. 

ACLE Hall E3, stand C23