According to Vicente Segarra of the Spanish footwear and leather technical institute, Inescop in Valencia, it is the largest tannery in Peru, and the only one that meets standard international environmental requirements.

The owners of the business have invested heavily in improving their environmental performance beyond what is typical for a Peruvian tanner. At the Pisco beamhouse operation they recycle all liming, tanning, deliming and neutralization baths and the tannery wastewater treatment plant includes an air-flotation unit.

Chrome shavings, are transferred to a plant in Lima, for the manufacture of “leather board”, which is the only company of its type in Peru. The end product is used to make belts, leather goods and shoe linings.

Curtiembre la Pisqueña also recycles tannery waste for gelatine, fertilizers and has installed a hair and chromium recovery system into their wet-end processing.

The company, supported by European technicians, has recently begun exporting waterproofed leather for safety shoes meeting international standards. Paul Cassinelli, Tannery Manager explains: “Throughout Peru, there are no other tanneries that have applied any environment controls or are using tannery process formulations that are  environmentally friendly.”