It is essential that the tanning industry continues along the line of improving its environmental performance and in the next edition of ILM we focus on the following:

  • Tyson Foods sustainability role and animal welfare
  • The consequences of using salt in leather making
  • Alternatives to the use of salt (sodium chloride) in the role as a preservative for hides/skins and in the tannery process
  • Several articles on chemical management and safety
  • Closed loop wastewater treatment systems
  • The latest bio-based retanning technology from Lanxess
  • A look at Stahl’s Neo range of leather finishes which confirm to the ZDHC’s leather MRSL and beyond

As well as the focus on the environment and sustainability, we look into the tanning industry of tomorrow and explore what the “Tannery of the Future” may be like. This is a follow-up to a LeatherNaturally! Leather Forum panel discussion co-organised by ILM at the recent ACLE in Shanghai, with leading figures from the industry representing PrimeAsia, Adidas, Tyson, Lanxess, GST AutoLeather, Lectra and Smit & zoon. 

Apart from specific articles, each edition of ILM also includes market commentary and analysis from a number of invited or regular industry commentators. In this edition, Richard Pai, Chairman of Taiwanese tanners, TehChang, and current President of the International Council of Tanners’ (ICT) and of the Taiwanese International Leather Association (TILA), is the guest writer.

The ILM November-December 2016 edition is available in print or via the ILM App by downloading the digital issue onto Apple or Android devices.

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