The EU-sponsored project began in February 2021 and was carried out by The Confederation of National Associations of Tanners and Dressers of the European Community (Cotance), industriAll-Europe and seven EU leather national associations.

A public area, accessible to everybody without restrictions, provides general information related to the various collective agreements, both in their original language and in English, as well as other useful social dialogue intelligence.

A private area, accessible only to the project partners, hosts a searchable database allowing comparative analysis and providing elements of discussion that will be more widely disseminated via news.

Manuel Ríos, President of Cotance and owner of the Spanish tannery Inpelsa, said: “The archive of European contracts is a tool that is good for our sector, for companies as well as for workers. We carried out this project in time for Covid, an event that completely changed the way we work. And it is ready today, when the consequences of the war in Ukraine are in the scenario of action.”

More details on the ERICA project can be found on the Cotance website.