Ermenegildo Zegna has won a case against a Chinese business selling accessories and apparel under the name “Yves Zegnoa”. According to the label, China’s Supreme People’s Court, the highest authority in the Chinese judiciary system, has “ruled to defend the intellectual property rights of a non-Chinese company,” for the first time in history. The court said that “imitating the Italian brand’s logo, which enjoys strong recognition and reputation in China, a country in which the label has been present for close to 30 years, represented a violation of its intellectual property rights”.

“This decision is particularly important, not only because it protects our intellectual property rights in China, but also because it confirms the positive progress being made in Chinese jurisprudence regarding protection of competition”, said Gildo Zegna, CEO, Ermenegildo Zegna. “This progress is moving towards an increasingly fair and unprejudiced market, regulated in the interests of all national and international companies operating in China.”

Sources: Fashion Network/WWD