Erretre and Carlessi invited the tanning industry trade media to a special event at the company’s headquarters on September 8-9. Following a dinner in the heart of the famous Amarone wine region near Verona invitees were described the company’s philosophy of  “thinking outside the box”. Both companies have been investing extensive R&D resources to introduce a new range of drying and finishing systems to its customer base worldwide that covers around 70 countries.

Traditionally, Erretre has been famous for the its range of milling drums and at the event it introduced its completely new laboratory scale ‘New Ambra’ milling drum and the modified Inox Paca automatic unloading milling drum with a newly modified sealed fan and dust extraction unit. The sealed unit will offer greater protection against corrosion in the tannery environment than the previous model.

During the event, Antonio Galiotto, Director, Erretre also announced that the company had formed a new subsidiary called IST (Innovative Solutions Technology), which is geared at helping develop through chemical and mechanical research a new range of tannery finishing and drying equipment as well as supporting and providing technical service to Erretre and Carlessi tannery customers in developing drying and finishing solutions on their own leathers. Customers will be invited to operate trials at IST’s facilities.

Following a series of trials and research covering five years Carlessi also formally introduced its CRC (Cell Rotary Conditioner) drying system during the event. The CRC is a new step forward in toggle drying technology and is able to dry full upholstery hides (3.4 metre) at temperatures as low as 40oc. The company say that the CRC will rival vacuum drying and the resulting leathers have a greater area yield (4-8% higher) and are less stretched across the bellies and flanks than other drying methods due to the way drying is carried out from the centre of each hide outwards.

Further details on the CRC system and other innovations launched by Erretre and Carlessi will be published in a forthcoming edition of ILM.