According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), most of the major European markets saw demand fall in April 2017, with the UK posting a double‐digit drop (‐19.8%), followed by Germany (‐8%), France (‐6%) and Italy (‐4.6%). Only the Spanish market registered growth in the month, recording a slight increase (+1.1%). Positive contributions mainly came from the so‐called EU‐12 countries (+8.2%), those member states that have joined the EU since 2004.

From January to April 2017, demand for passenger cars remained positive (+4.7%), totalling 5,332,854 units. According to ACEA, Italy (+8%), Spain (+6.1%), Germany (+2.5%), France (+2%) and the UK (+1.1%) all saw their markets grow during the first four months of the year, despite the declines observed in April.

Overall, Volkswagen Group’s sales dropped 8.8% in the EU. With the exception of Seat (+15% in April 2017 thanks to the new Ateca SUV), demand for all the other brands of the Group were down; VW brand (-13.8%), Audi (-10.3%), Skoda (-4.8%) and Porsche (-16.2%).

PSA Group’s registrations in the EU also declined 6.7%; Peugeot brand sales scored -3.9%, Citroen -6.1%, and DS -45%. Overall, Renault’s registrations dropped 2.6%, and Ford’s total registrations fell 11.4%. Sales for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) slipped just 0.8% as its Alfa Romeo brand offset the results registering a +48.6% increase in sales in the month.

In April 2017, EU sales of the BMW and Mercedes premium brands declined 5.5% and 0.9%, respectively. Volvo also registered a decline (-4.1%), while the Jaguar Land Rover Group scored a negative -16.6%; -18.3% for LR and -12.4% for Jaguar.