This Research Study was commissioned by the European Commission subsequent to a prior study undertaken on the issue of the labelling of leather products in 2013. The in-depth report looks the potential impact to companies with mis-labelling of leather products and its impact on prices and costs to the leather industry in the EU.

The authors also examined the impact that mislabelling of leather products may have on the environment and its estimated impact on jobs. Improving existing policies and laws was also examined as was existing Austrian law covering this area.

The first study examined a range of labelling related issues including country of origin, sizing and authenticity. Authenticity was the only issue identified as being significantly problematic and potentially suitable for a pan European solution.

The terms of reference for the study were to analyse the economic, societal and environmental impacts of four designated policy options, including assessment of their administrative costs, benefits. Additional focus was to be given to potential impacts on SMEs and competitiveness proofing.

The final report expected to be published later in the year by the European Commission.