Matt Priest, President and CEO, FDRA, is to oversee the union and John Heron, Executive Director, FFANY, is to become a strategic advisor to FDRA, providing expertise on the New York marketplace and brands to ensure a smooth transition. FDRA said it will immediately take over daily operations, trademarks and finances as well as oversee the important role of coordinating dates and industry activities of the famed FFANY New York Market Week. Additionally, existing FFANY members will now be part of FDRA, providing them with an extensive range of business tools and services to help during these difficult economic times.

“This is a seminal moment for our industry, and I am pleased and excited that our respective Boards were able to make it happen. FFANY has served the industry incredibly well and folding them into our FDRA infrastructure will allow us to bring together executives to better coordinate the industry’s direction and support industry strengthening initiatives”, said Priest. “The FDRA is the gold standard for industry associations across our country because of their tremendous impact on policy issues as well as robust communication platforms, information services and many programmes that support all aspects of the footwear industry. This union will position FDRA to be a stronger association that we can rely on to be a platform for industry communication, guidance as we evolve and leadership in setting priorities on the collective actions that move us forward”, added Mike Jeppesen, Chairman, FDRA.  

After acquiring FFANY, FDRA now serves and represents 95% of the entire U.S. footwear industry.