1. China

2. Vietnam

3 Indonesia

4. India

5. Mexico

6. Italy

7. Cambodia

8. Brazil

9. Dominican Republic

10. Thailand

China is still the dominant player but its market share has dipped below 80% to 79% for the first time in many years. In the FDRA rankings Vietnam has a 12% market share while imports from Indonesia remained flat compared with the previous year. India has moved up two places in the rankings to 4th and increased its imports by 10% in 2014.

Imports from Mexico were down 9% and Italy’s market share remained static but remains the largest supplier of higher-end and quality footwear in to the U.S market. Cambodia saw the largest gains of any country in the FDRA rankings with imports rising by 134% and is now the 7th largest supplier. This is partly due to the relocation of some manufacturing from China as well as the civil unrest that occurred in Vietnam last year. 

According the FDRA Brazilian imports rebounded up 19% in 2014 and meanwhile manufacturers in the Dominican Republic were able to take advantage of a free trade agreement with the U.S and maintain a market share of 3%. 

Source: FDRA