In the letter, Priest called for the American President to tackle rising footwear prices, which are rising more year-on-year in March than in the past 16 months.

The FDRA blames these increases on 301 duties levies on American companies and paid by American consumers, which Priest says are hitting working class families the hardest and affecting children’s shoes in particular.

The letter reads: “Shoe imports are hit with an average 12% duty rate versus other imported goods that average around 2%. Working-class families bear the brunt as shoe tariff rates are regressive. Children’s shoes and lower-value shoes often face import tax rates of 20%, 37.5% and can reach nearly 70% in some cases. The added 7.5% 301 duty on certain shoes escalates prices further.

“With the added 301 duty, the duty rate doubled for certain children’s casual shoes and slippers, and it more than tripled on certain plastic sandals, wool slippers, and infant crib shoes, directly creating record price spikes at checkout. These are shoes families must buy multiple times a year for their children.”

You can read the full open letter on the FDRA website.