Consolidated revenues for the full year amounted to €1.11 billion (down from pre-pandemic 2019’s €1.4 billion), excluding the fragrance business.

All of the company’s main product categories reported a significant increase over 2020, led by leather goods and shoes, which represented 44% and 43% of the total turnover respectively.

The company’s retail channel saw revenues grow 32.2% against 2020, mainly driven by performance in Greater China, North America, Latin America, South Korea and Japan. Meanwhile, e-commerce revenues for 2021 as a whole increased 43.3% and wholesale grew by 30.3%.

The Asia Pacific region was the company’s top area for revenues, increasing 16.9% year-on-year, with China reporting growth of 9.4%, South Korea of 13.6% and Japan coming in at 8.1% over 2020 results.

The EMEA region, which the company reports was still penalised in FY2021 by lockdowns of stores and limited tourists, posted an increase in revenue of 19%. Meanwhile, North America saw an increase to revenue during 2021 of 82.6%, and Central and South America grew by 42.5%.