Effective October 1, FFANY will be brought under the FDRA umbrella, pending Board approval of both organisations. According to John Heron, Executive Director of FFANY and who is to become an adviser to FDRA, FFANY is to maintain its line-up of four shows a year, at least for the near-term, with the biggest focus on June and December. Matt Priest, President and CEO, FDRA, said the marriage will also allow FDRA to strengthen its position as one of the industry’s guiding voices. “We’re going to find new ways to be advocates. This opens up another door”, said Priest, who is allegedly also looking forward to expanding the organisation’s reach and going beyond the existing members, particularly with vendors and retailers in the fashion space.

Moving forward, the FFANY board is to dissolve, but FDRA will rebalance its own board to reflect the expanded organisation. “We want to make sure the voice of FFANY is well maintained”, said Priest. “My message to FFANY members is to become engaged, reach out to me directly, help us continue this conversation and drive the industry in a way it wants to be driven. It’s a new beginning”, he added.

Source: Footwear News/Sourcing Journal