As Tanners we are used to change. We have always had to continuously adjust to macro-environmental change. But today the events impinging on our industry are wide and varied: from falling raw material prices, heavy attacks for market share by plastics masquerading as leather in every sector, changes in consumer demand, mass immigration and population movements changing the nature of our workforce, geopolitical events and of course these political upheavals.

It is easy to say that politics is not relevant to leather but in the UK the new Leader of the Opposition has now appointed a Vegan, Kerry McCarthy as the new shadow secretary for environment, food and rural affairs. She will look after the party’s brief for food and farming. Ms McCarthy was the first Member of Parliament to set out the case for converting to veganism in Parliament on World Vegan Day four years ago. She is supposedly also expert in Social Media so has the tools to get her message heard.

Given that the leather industry is now being attacked by the insidious use of the term “vegan leather” which is deliberately employed to damage the image and perception of leather the leather industry will now have to watch a far wider area of “macro” events in the world to protect itself going forward.

LeatherNaturally! is today launching an attack on companies in Europe – two in Holland and one in the UK – using terms such as “fruit leather” and “palm leather” for perfectly good materials that have no need whatsoever to illegally use the term leather for their promotion. There is no point surviving price volatility to look up in the future and find the market for our material has been destroyed.

Do check the legal situation regarding the use of the term leather in your country and take part in naming and shaming those who are playing games for their own financial benefit and damaging our industry and all our employees.

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Mike Redwood

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