The study compared a shoe upper leather with nine alternative materials (Desserto, Kombucha, Pinatex, Noani, Appleskin, Vegea, SnapPap, Teak Leaf and Muskin), examining attributes including water vapour absorption and permeability, flex resistance, tear resistance and tensile strength. Dr Meyer will also outline some of the materials which are used for upholstery.

Notably, some of the alternative materials achieved high values in selected properties and FILK speculates that the grown multilayer structure of leather with a very tight surface and a gradient of the structural density over the cross‐section causes this universal performance. To date, this structure could neither be achieved with synthetic nor with bio‐based materials. Watch the presentation to discover just how these other materials matched up to genuine leather over all the categories, and which has the overall best properties.

About the speaker

Dr Michael Meyer studied biology and process engineering. After several stations in the collagen and gelatine industry, Meyer took over as head of the Department of Leather / Biopolymers at FILK in 2001. In 2002, he received his PhD from the TU Dresden, Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry.

Since 2020, as Scientific Director and Managing Director, Michael Meyer is responsible for all research activities and scientific work at the FILK Freiberg Institute. The research focus of FILK is two-dimensional materials made from natural and synthetic polymers as one or multi-layered systems.

Further presentations

Meyer will be joined by presenters from other key automotive stakeholders and leather industry experts to speak on a variety of hot topics affecting the automotive leather sector today. The virtual event will take place over 2.5 hours and will include a virtual coffee break and feature a total of six presentations + live Q&A and panel discussions.

Topics will include:

  • Growth projections, opportunities, threats and key automotive trends affecting auto leather stakeholders
  • The use of blockchain in the leather supply chain and the benefits for OEMs
  • The use of new innovative low impact leather chemicals and chemicals from renewable carbon sources in modern automotive leather
  • Tackling deforestation and animal welfare in the automotive leather supply chain
  • How to make automotive leather more sustainable with a lower environmental footprint and end-of-life impact
  • How automotive leather performs versus other competing materials.

Following the presentations, the speakers will be invited to take part in a Q&A and discussion session with ILM Content Director Martin Ricker around the following question: What can be done to persuade car brands that leather is really the sustainable material of the future for next generation interiors? Attendee questions will also be addressed.

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Hosted and moderated by ILM, the event is aimed at the entire automotive leather supply chain, including tanners, OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, raw materials, chemicals and equipment suppliers. Thanks to its digital format, the event will have global reach, connecting key industry players and providing invaluable perspectives and insights on the market

All presentations will be held in English only.

When is it and how can I attend?

Date: December 16, 2021

Time: 2:30pm CET (1:30pm GMT)

Delegate Price: €80, plus any applicable taxes and fees*

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