A statement issued by the company says: “We at Kokkolan are excited about having now the entire process in our hands, from raw material procurement to finished leather. We expect to further increase the quality of our leather as well as our service. Kokkolan will continue to produce the specialty leathers currently made by Geson, such as veg tanned knife sheath leather. We are looking into possibilities to take advantage of the increase in capacity that the acquisition will present.”

For several years the Geson tannery has carried out the beamhouse and tanning processes for Kokkolan. The company will continue to work with Geson’s Managing Director, Kurt Gustavsson. Gustavsson will oversee the acquisition and assist Kokkolan Nahka to guarantee a smooth transition.

The leather trade in the Kokkola region of Finland goes back hundreds of years. Kokkolan Nahka Ltd specialises in the production of elk and reindeer leather for the international footwear and clothing industries. Kokkolan Nahka Ltd is the world’s leading elk leather manufacturer.

Kokkolan Nahka Ltd is a third generation family business founded in 1957 where tradition and modern technology go hand in hand. It is based in Kokkola and employs 22 people.