According to fire officials, the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit. It took almost two hours to douse the fire. Fortunately, the showroom was closed due to weekly holiday when the incident occurred. Some passers-by alerted the fire department and police control room. “We saw thick smoke coming out of the showroom and tried to douse the fire, but by then the fire had spread to a big portion die to short circuits at 2-3 more points,” said an eyewitness.

Due to around one-hour delay of fire brigade in reaching the site the fire spread in a major portion of the showroom said sources. However, a fire officer said the showroom was stuffed with inflammable items, which resulted in rapid spread of fire. He said, “Our firefighters had to struggle a lot to douse flames as the showroom was closed. We broke into the showroom to bring fire under control.”

“The exact amount of loss is yet to be ascertained, however it could be up to Rs50 lakhs ($85,171),” claimed Rishi Raj Pal, owner of the showroom.

Source: Times of India