Considered a historical figure of the Italian and European tanning industry, Adolfo Mattirolo was known in the leather sector as “Comandante Mattirolo” for debuting his working life in the Italian navy as an officer before taking over the family tannery, Conceria MESI, in the 1950s. Located in Caselle Torinese, northern Italian region of Piedmont, today, the tannery specialised in the tanning of chamois leather is run by his son, Enrico Mattirolo, and his nephew Enrico Tabellini.

Mattirolo was known for his diplomatic skills and respected as a ‘tough negotiator’, which made him become a protagonist in the Italian and European associative life for almost twenty years. He was President of UNIC from 1985-89, Vice-President in 1983-84, and an Adviser from 1979 to 1997. At Cotance, he held the Vice-Presidency from 1981 to 1989, followed by his terms as Cotance President from 1989-92, and as outgoing Vice-President from 1992-96.