The French Leather Industry and all its related associations have a long history of partnership with APLF, and the French Pavilion has always been a key attraction at MM&T every year since the 1st year in 1984. The last time France was the Focus Country was in 1998, where the “Street of Paris” was built on the concourse of Hall 1 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The French leather industry operates under the aegis of the Conseil National du Cuir (French Leather Council), which is made up of 19 professional federations from sectors such as livestock raising, the distribution and retail of finished products, processing (tanneries) and the manufacturing of finished products (shoes, leather goods, glove and boot makers, industrial shoe repairers).

A committee has been formed to manage this project. It is made up of representatives of professional organisations from the leather and raw hides industry, the tannery sector, the footwear, leather goods and glove-making industries and retailers, and importers of finished products.