President of the CNC since 2014, Frank Boehly has been re-elected during the General Assembly of the confederation, which brings together some 19 federations from all sectors of the French leather industry (production, transformation, manufacture, distribution), on December 14.

The CNC has highlighted a series of actions recently undertaken to improve the performance of the sector, including defending leather professionals before national and regional authorities, defending the term ‘leather’, creating regional networks and assistance with funding and training young people. As previously reported by ILM, earlier this year, the CNC published a ‘White Paper’ aimed at all candidates running for the country’s presidential election whereby it listed ten proposals to encourage the development of the French leather sector.

The CNC’s priorities for the 2018-20 period include implementing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities adapted to the leather sector to meet ISO 26000 standards. “While the competitiveness of our companies remains one of the priorities of the French leather sector, we strongly encourage them to enhance their approach to CSR; an essential step to gain in excellence”, says Boehly, who started his career as a footwear retailer.

Since 2008, Boehly has also served as President of the French Federation of Footwear Retailers and, from 1999 to 2013, he was President of leading footwear retail chain Salamander France. In July 2015, he was elected President of SIC SA, the commercial branch of CNC, well known for its trade activities such as the former Semaine Du Cuir, the Pan American Leather Fair, Meet in Africa, Le Cuir a Paris, as well as its joint venture with UBM Asia in the organisation of trade fairs such as APLF and ACLE.