Named ‘Les Ateliers de la Lizaine’, the new leather school of Montbéliard aims to become a centre of reference in leather training. On the ground floor, a fully autonomous leather workshop combines all the necessary resources to make handbags, as well as a large area equipped with digital machines for leather cutting. The final assembly of the leather products is carried out on the first floor, which can host up to 35 individual manufacturing spaces.

“We have a manufacturing configuration with a prototyping workshop, which enables the students to work within the industrial reality for which they are being trained. That’s a real strength”, Hubert Mougin, Coordinator of the training programme, told local media.

The city of Montbéliard already hosts the Boudard School, which prepares apprentices for the saddlery and luxury leather goods industry, as well as several of Hermès owned factories in the area. It now aims to become a reference for the leather sector.

Source: L’Est Republicain