According to Managing Director, Patricia Fuga, the tannery has decided to trial the certification process in order to keep itself up-to-date and to improve its processes. “We believe that the certification will make the leather sector even stronger, and make it (the tanning industry) reach the highest level possible in terms of business management”, says Fuga.

Fuga Couros processes more than 200,000 hides per month.

Accredited by Inmetro, the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability is an initiative of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB). José Fernando Bello, Executive President of CICB says, “As the organisation that suggested the creation of CSCB, we are very pleased to know that a tannery such as Fuga Couros is the first to show interest towards certification. It means that truly professional companies, such as Fuga, will also join CSCB in the near future.”

The Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability will be officially rolled out during the second half of 2015.