After experimenting holding the event earlier in the month of July for the past two years, the organisers of GDS have announced the summer collection edition will now take place in early September, from Sunday to Tuesday so as to accommodate middle-sized retailers.

According to the organisers, the visitor number, which was consistent at around 15,000 in July 2014 and 2015, dropped to about 12,500 in July 2016. “Neither the sector nor we can be satisfied with this visitor attendance”, announced Werner Matthias Dornscheidt, President and CEO, Messe Düsseldorf in August.

Three years ago, the change in dates aimed at increasing competitiveness but provoked mixed reactions in the sector. September seems not too late for buyer decisions after all.

“Even though the needs of the individual market players vary extremely, one insight emerged clearly in the in-depth conversations with the extended circle of advisors: The sector wishes to have a strong international GDS”, said Dornscheidt in a statement. “In view of the market changes, the sector also feels that it is important to have GDS moved closer to the season”, he added.