Mike Elia, president and CEO of Gerber, said, “The results Wilson is seeing with our new Taurus leather cutter speaks to the heart of what Gerber is about. Our mission over the last five decades has always been to help our customers improve their profitability by saving them time, reducing their labour and material costs and helping them produce the best quality product possible. With Taurus II, we improve throughput using hide capture technology and we dramatically improve yield with part nesting strategies that are 250 times more powerful than our previous offering.”

The cutter captures the hide and its flaw zones using a digital camera mounted above the cutter. The system’s nesting software applies algorithms to enable users to get the maximum parts from every hide, from which around 10 footballs are made.

Wilson factory manager Dan Riegle said: “We’re seeing as much as 10% improvement in yields as a result of Taurus’ computerised nesting capabilities.” 

The factory’s 120 employees produce 4,000 footballs a day and more than 700,000 each year.