Revenues were up by 30% to €501 million last year, which the company attributed to strong growth in the Americas as well as in retail and e-commerce.

The Americas was the brand’s fastest growing region, with sales up by 55% in 2022, followed by EMEA where sales were up by around a third.

From this growth, the company reportedly plans to expand beyond its core product range of sneakers, Chief Executive Silvio Campara told Reuters.

Campara said: “We will keep on innovating our business, which is sneakers, but there will be something out of sneakers that is ready to be launched on the market.”

During 2022, Golden Goose acquired its top supplier, Italian Fashion Team, and has recently already expanded beyond sneakers into clothing and accessories, including leather goods.

“What we did last year is not going to be the last one… for sure we have other acquisitions in the pipeline,” Campara added.

Source: Reuters