The company opened stores in 28 markets during the quarter, making for a total of 5,698 at the end of the period. On April 3, it reopened 19 stores across seven brands and resumed online operations in Ukraine. It also opened its first stores in Uzbekistan in February.

EBITDA was up 8% in the period to €2.4 billion while EBIT grew by 10.3% to €1.6 billion. Gross profit was up 7.3% to €4.9 billion. Net income increased by 10.8% to €1.3 billion.

Looking forward to the second quarter results, Inditex notes that store and online sales are up by 12% in constant currency between May 1 and June 3. Beyond this, the company is forecasting strong growth through the 2024 fiscal year, with a negative currency impact around 2% on sales.