“Gruppo Mastrotto Express”, is the name of their new logistics hub. “Gruppo Mastrotto Express is born from the need to strengthen a niche in the market that we have been dealing with for years”, says Chiara Mastrotto, President of the Group. “Gruppo Mastrotto Express is our response for the need for greater flexibility and for the streamlining of the customers’ requirements, providing a buying opportunity that responds to a real need”.

Through the logistics centre customers will have the opportunity to choose from a well-stocked catalogue offering more than 800 colour choices, in a range of items that extend across more than 20 leather collections. The product lines for quick delivery are destined for the furniture, leather goods, footwear, automotive and aviation sectors.

Gruppo Mastrotto Express covers 4,300 square metres of floor space with leather ready for delivery from dedicated staff. Such a full service is something completely new in the tanning industry. It allows customers to examine, choose and order, in greatly reduced times, quantities of leather to match their requirements in terms of time and space, while being able to choose from a varied range of products. Thanks to Gruppo Mastrotto Express each order will be processed within only 48 hours, all over the world. 

The new logistics hub, including new buildings, infrastructure and stocking has been a financial commitment of more than €12 million.