Among the group’s achievements last year, the report highlights its Leather Working Group Gold rating, with a raw material traceability score of 85/100.

Additionally, Scope 1 and 2 carbon neutrality was also confirmed for Gruppo Mastrotto Express’s 40 collections and the group’s percentage of electricity supply from certified renewable sources continues to be 100%.

Mastrotto also showcased its patent achievement for Reviva, a material made from recycling leather processing waste. The company said that Reviva is a “zero waste regenerated product that uses finished leather trimmings that would otherwise be sent to incinerators, refining them following a circular economy and upcycling approach”.

In 2022, Gruppo Mastrotto also achieved the Oeko-Tex Leather Standard for its leather, while a supplier mapping exercise was launched to assess whether suppliers have adopted sustainability practices in line with the group’s expectations.

On the waste recycling front, the company reported a recycling percentage of 98%, reportedly 20% above the industry average.

In social achievements, Gruppo Mastrotto concluded a worker health and safety training effort, with more than 4,500 hours provided and a 50% reduction in the accident severity index.

The company was also awarded the DNA – Difference in Addition prize in 2022 by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers’ National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office, which assesses projects relating to promoting diversity.

Group President Chiara Mastrotto said: “For this third edition of our Sustainability Report, although we were not required to do so, we decided to submit the document to a third party for certification. We have made this choice in order to give a strong signal to the market and our customers that we are not only transparent, but also determined to pursue the ambitious goals we have set ourselves.

“We have also included a chapter dedicated to our facilities abroad, because we are a global group and we must also apply our values outside our own country. On the other hand, the global arena, which is still extremely complex and difficult to navigate, calls for a global commitment to sustainability issues, which cannot remain confined within our country.

“As Gruppo Mastrotto, we have been on this path for years, striving to involve our stakeholders in an ever more active manner through a systemic approach that results in a wide-ranging and long-term Sustainability Plan that will increasingly have to involve our entire supply chain.”