The award recognises ethical projects on inclusion and diversity in micro-entities, SMEs and large corporations. Gruppo Mastrotto was equally placed with Enel, Cap Gemini and TIM.

Mastrotto was chosen for an inclusion project that began in 2018 and aimed to “promote a proper company and work integration process, enabling people with relational-intellectual disabilities to participate and develop both personally and professionally, while also fostering values in relation to accepting, engaging with, and capitalising on, diversity”.

The project resulted in the creation of a production department with productivity targets for assembling colour charts, colour wheels and samples to present Mastrotto products to its customers.

Gruppo Mastrotto reports that the people involved in the inclusion project are now working in production with good results in terms of output and interpersonal skills.

Managing Director Giovanna Mastrotto said: “With the social and workplace inclusion project, Gruppo Mastrotto is aiming to meet the needs of people with disabilities so that they can play a consistent, ongoing part in the work environment, and to provide concrete social and work inclusion opportunities.

“This initiative will also benefit all other employees, because it is through sharing experiences and values that people are able to develop.”