The new site, located in Recanati, will cover more than 108,000 sq ft and will be dedicated to the production of uppers for Gucci sports and elegant footwear.

Construction on the factory is slated to begin in 2023 and be completed by early 2024. Gucci reports it will be “ground-breaking, both in terms of its construction and its environmental and climatic sustainability credentials”.

Pigini Founder and CEO Fausto Pigini said: “With this new factory we wish to guarantee the continuity of the region’s manufacturing tradition, teach the craft skills of stitching and continue to pass on our passion for the product in a highly innovative environment.”

New employees will be brought on gradually before the new factory opens, the company reports, and will initially train in the current Pigini factory as well as its 10,800 sq ft laboratory before being transferred to the new site upon its completion.

Pigini will also offer a series of training programs for graduates and unemployed youths between the ages of 18 and 26 as part of Gucci’s commitment to Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Source: Footwear News