The Schedoni family has been working leather since 1880. For the past 80 years, the company had been producing shoes but, as current Schedoni Chairman Simone Schedoni states, “In the early 1970s, my father, the third generation of the family, started to produce highly customised luggage, handbags and briefcases for luxury sport cars”.

In 1977, the company started its ongoing cooperation with Ferrari producing custom fit luggage sets. The quality delivered was so highly appreciated that in 1983 Schedoni SRL was asked to start covering Ferrari’s Formula One seats. “Today, we are focusing our main business in the production of luggage and other accessories for the most prestigious and exclusive automobile companies worldwide”, comments Simone Schedoni. The company customer portfolio includes partners such as Lamborghini, Bugatti, Pagani, Bentley Motors and Rolls Royce, just to name a few. “We love to combine and experiment the blend of traditional materials such as naturally tanned leather with modern carbon fibre or titanium for some of the projects we do with the car companies we cooperate with”, adds Schedoni.

For a company like Schedoni, whose strategy focuses on the production of small volumes of high level products aimed at consumers that want to highlight their social status with luxury details, maintaining exceptional quality standards to keep them fully satisfied is the main challenge. “Working in partnership with luxury supercar manufacturers means that we don’t have to look for challenges on the design side. That’s something that our partners do before reaching out to us. The challenges are pretty much related to the technical feasibility as sometimes a designer’s creativity goes beyond what current technologies allow. The ability to shrink that divide is our major uniqueness.”

To cope with those challenges in 2006, the company decided to take a step forward and updated its production department by installing Elitron’s digital finishing technologies. Up until then, Schedoni used manually cut samples and short production runs while larger production volumes were processed with traditional die cutters. For a company that has to deliver custom-made products, these technologies had considerable downsides: dies had to be stocked, their production would come at a further cost and also it reduced Schedoni’s lead time to market for samples and short production runs.

Elitron leather cutting flexibility and efficiency
As of today, thanks to the flexibility and usability of Booster ICE, the Company easily performs every application that is required to manufacture their custom fit luggage sets. “We opted for Elitron because it gave us exactly what suited our needs in terms of a high quality at a reasonable price for a company like ours. Furthermore, over the years the after sales service has proved to be quick and reliable when maintenance was required. That is what led us to re-purchase the upgraded Booster in 2014.”

“The investment in two Elitron Booster ICE cutting solutions allowed us to drop 90% of our dies, give up manual cutting with a dramatic increase in bottom-line quality, speed up the production and, more importantly, it allowed us to reduce the divide between creativity and technical application. It had positive impact on our clients’ satisfaction and we regret not having thought about it earlier,” concludes Schedoni.

*This artice is an advertorial provided by Elitron.