Heim Wax Touch: A new non-water mixable hot wax, outstanding soft touch with medium pull up effect, increase maeser flexes which does not highlight leather defects. Leather made with Heim Wax Touch is as leather should feel.

Heim Wax UP: New non-water mixable hot wax. It provides a very clear, strong pull-up effect for bright and brilliant coloured leather.  

Heim Wax Duro: A new non-water mixable hot wax. It is a very strong, pull-up effect, dry, waxy touch with an antique look.

Heim Wax WH: A new non-water mixable hot wax. It gives a very strong white effect (wild desert look) for polishing effects on finished articles.

Heim Wax Grasso: A new hot wax to be used in the drum after dyeing. It gives a very rich, waxy feel with a strong pull-up effect. Grasso gives a strong darkening effect to the leather surface after hot plating. It has good adhesion for the final finishing.

Heim Oil Phob 1499: An oil, which is non-water mixable and has been developed for waterproofed crust to increase maeser and penetrometer flexes.