Imagine such an institution, featuring the latest technology and fashion research, development and innovation (RD&I), where diversified products are brought together, whether they are lambskins, bovine hides from distinct categories or wool and leather of different products. All functioning as a platform for leather technology and innovation exchange. A place where the RD&I of sustainable fashion products are in clusters. That is the new Prosper Technology Innovation Center which, has recently been put in place.

Top-notch facilities – Technology and Fashion RD&I Center

Since 1995 when it was founded, Henan Prosper has extended its line of businesses from wool to leather and cowhide tanning. Such questions as “how to achieve success in the RD&I field faster?”, how to be more efficient and energy-saving?” and “how to make it more market-orientated and beneficial to customers?” have always been in Henan Prosper’s mind.

To find the answer, the Technology Innovation Center was created and put into use after two years of preparation. Covering an area of 6,000 sq m, with a building area of 12,160 sq m, it is composed of three main areas: a wet section, machinery area and finishing department on the first floor; offices, a sample showroom and testing centre on the second floor as well as conference area on the third floor.

Like a powerful brain, it operates both as a basic and fashion orientated RD&I. Specifically, apart from the RD&I on the latest sheepskin and bovine hide processes, technical exchanges and tests with local and overseas experts are also conducted there.

At present, a full range of equipment has been put into place, going far beyond such conventional ones such as dyeing drums, spray finishing, ironing machines and milling drums to such fashion development equipment such as laser printers, cutting machines, etc. Based on such a solid technological foundation, efforts will be focused on the promotion of sustainable and environmental protection technologies, with an abundant product portfolio and specific RD&I to fulfil individual customer demands.

The test room in the RD&I centre has a full set of testing equipment to meet the international test standards. It is also the fashion centre for setting colour and fashion trends and presenting its new collection products.

Technical exchange and a talents platform for the leather industry

The innovation centre boasts advanced equipment and facilities to a platform for technical exchanges and realising talents.

It has gathered craftsmen and experts from the local and foreign industries, including senior experts from Italy, Spain and other countries who, together with the RD&I staff from Henan Prosper, join forces to work on the development and promotion of new products. Up to now, prestigious chemical companies such as Stahl, Royal Smit & Zoon, TFL and Pulcra have visited the factory or made appointments to visit the factory for technical exchange purposes.

Furthermore, it facilitates the technical exchange and practice for the students at Chinese universities such as prominent as Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Sichuan University and Qilu University of Technology that have already established a cooperation together, so that the students can get employment and training there, thus promoting technological inheritance and talent exchange.

Committed to the RD&I of sustainable products

The centre has been devoted to boosting original high-quality and sustainable leather products in fashion. In addition to launching such products, Henan Prosper developed ARMONATURAL and EZYBLANCO. More research will be conducted for a more sustainable leather industry.

“A while ago, our partner, Stahl, a chemical supplier of specialised leather chemicals, visited Henan Prosper and brought their chrome-free tanning technology, Stahl Ympact, a new-concept technology of renewable carbon polyurethanes. The two companies have made in-depth exchanges. Regarding these technologies, we will do further follow-up to make more progress in the RD&I of green and environmental protection products,” remarked Yang Jin, Director of the RD&I Management.

Looking forward with the sustainable philosophy of LOOP as the guideline, the centre will endeavour to update and optimise its leather products from nature and towards fashion, with limitless potential and possibilities awaiting it in the sustainable evolvement of the leather industry.

This article is an advertorial provided by Henan Prosper.