HP is striving to challenge and push the boundaries to make better and more valuable products in a way that suits the world we live in now and in the future, extending the beauty and sustainability of natural products and enjoying the beauty of natural leather to the fullest.

Macaroon-coloured leather is a unique attribute of EZYBLANCO

The semi-finished product in white crust is conducive to colour printing and dyeing, which has become the first choice for luxury goods and high-end shoe and bag manufacturers who have high requirements for leather quality. EZYBLANCO not only meets the various needs of fashion items for colour, naturalness and breathability but also becomes the first choice for consumers after their awareness of environmental protection, which is also a key move for HP and Colomer to establish an environmentally protective tanning process.

EZYBLANCO – Let’s appreciate the beauty of natural leather

HP and Colomer has been actively practicing the innovation of ecological tanning technology. By optimising the process and updating its tannery equipment, it can save water and energy. While reducing carbon emissions, it fully relieves the pressure of sewage treatment and further achieves sustainable development.

In 2022, HP and Colomer started a project aimed at the comprehensive disposal and resource utilisation of solid waste and adopted the treatment technology of “low temperature drying and incineration” to co-dispose the comprehensive sludge produced by sewage treatment plants and general solid waste generated in part of the production process, so as to realise the purpose of “reduction, stabilisation, harmlessness and resource utilisation” of solid waste across its facilities. After the completion of the project, it will become the first comprehensive sludge and solid waste disposal project built by any company in the global leather industry.

Brand development history of Colomer Munmany

Henan Prosper Group wholly acquired Colomer Munmany in 2009, inheriting its more than 200 years of tanning history and continuously optimising and consolidating it. As a Spanish sheepskin specialist with over 200 years of history, there were several key turning points in the development of the Colomer brand.

Firstly, when in the late 18th century, the company was expanded by the Colomer family, it quickly became a leader in fine leather around the world. Secondly, when in 1858 chromium salts were first introduced, it transformed tanning from a finely honed art into a science, which also represented the transformation of the Colomer brand from a primitive manufacturing industry to an innovator in the industry.

Thirdly, in 2009, when Henan Prosper Group acquired Colomer Munmany, consolidating its companies’ expertise in the sheepskin market and paving the way for further expansion and development. The new investment continued to be upgraded, using fresh blood to continuously optimise Gromac’s processes, technologies and products, constantly adding new brand value.

Since 2010, in order to increase production capacity, HP and Colomer Group have successively established a doubleface sheepskin production line, a nappa production line and a fellmongery. With the gradual improvement of hardware facilities, technicians have successively studied abroad to improve their professional tanning knowledge, and the establishment of R&D teams has played a key role in the development of process technology.

In 2022, HP and Colomer Group has launched a new environmentally friendly leather range: EZYBLANCO. This process innovates the traditional leather tanning method, and the finished product does not contain harmful substances such as MCCP, which fully protects human health.

EZYBLANCO subverts the traditional leather tanning method, scientifically plans the processing method and realises the systematic innovation of the tanning process, energy consumption and waste disposal. Through multiple tests of the new tanning agent and accurate data information, it meets the ISO15115:2019 metal-free leather testing standard while retaining the soft touch and natural texture of top leather, and truly achieves the best environmental protection for its leathers.

This article is an advertorial provided by Henan Prosper.