During the exhibition, Henan Prosper was invited to share the key concepts and ground-breaking technological advancement of its “Leather Organics Optimization Programme” (LOOP), which primarily focuses on the sustainable development of the fashion industry, a value which is at the very core of Henan Prospers’ ethos and the latest scientific and technological achievements.

Climate Crisis and LOOP

With the escalating global climate crisis, it is therefore essential that everyone does their bit to contribute towards sustainability. This was a key theme at the Première Vision Exhibition, further highlighting how fundamental clean, green energy has become to the industry. Henan Prosper strongly believes that it is its duty, as a major raw material provider of multiple international brands, to make the operation as much sustainable as possible. Over the years, Henan Prosper has developed a passion for realising green, clean, recyclable growth and is committed to transforming the industry with eco-friendly technology. Henan Prosper is already achieving this by upgrading its facilities, focusing on water-saving production, extensively using an eco-tanning agent, treating sludge and solid waste, and continuously inputting into ESG (Henan Prosper’s achievements and sustainability successes over the past 27 years were also showcased at the Première Vision Exhibition in Paris).

Since Henan Prosper was established in 1994, it has been committed to reducing the emission of chemical pollutants and realise biodegradation of leather organics.


During its time at the exhibition in Paris, Henan Prosper launched its brand-new leather tanning craft, Armonatural. Henan Prosper’s new tanning technology is based on an innovative, organic, formaldehyde and phosphorus-free tanning agent. Henan Prosper can therefore dramatically reduce pollution levels allowing for mass production of ultra-low formaldehyde products. Zero-formaldehyde production also meets greater safety standards which therefore ensures that the products can be used safely in clothing, footwear, household items and products for children.

Despite the initial investment requirements for green technologies, businesses will get back the rewards in the end. With increasing public awareness of the environment and changing consumer habits that are increasingly demanding sustainably sourced products, those who do not invest in sustainability will be left behind.

Henan Prosper has always been and will continue to be an advocate for sustainability and sustainable growth. Henan Prosper’s commitment to a sustainable future is widely respected by both its partners and customers alike. In addition, by adhering to the LOOP principles, Henan Prosper has also achieved international compliance certifications.

Henan Prosper strives to be the forerunner of its field and will continue to explore and invest in new green technologies, promoting enterprises that can harmoniously coexist with nature and society’s needs and, in turn, do its part to improve the quality of life for all mankind.

This article is an advertorial provided by Henan Prosper.