During the 80s and 90s, most off-line hide and leather auction houses closed down due to the small scale of regional markets they were serving, thus becoming a victim of globalisation.

Luxembourg-based start-up Hidexe has released a cloud-based software solution for the hide and leather industry, which preserves the advantages of the old auction houses while making this format relevant in today’s market by making it global, cloud-based, real-time and very transparent.

You are 3 clicks away from launching your first auction:

1. Go to Hidexe.com/signup

2. Define your product 

3. Launch your auction

Hidexe also allows users to streamline paper-heavy sourcing activities like never before, to perform all procurement tasks in one place, from any location (home/office/etc), browser or device, in real-time 24/7.

Built-in software flexibility makes Hidexe relevant for tanneries trading a handful of containers per week, all the way to the major industry players who operate large-scale wholesale businesses.

Hidexe is not only a perfect antidote for Covid-19 related constraints that have severely restricted the traditional off-line sales and procurement channels, but also allows hide and leather traders to considerably expand their catchment area.

We are keen to give you a risk-free test-drive and tutorial today. Visit our website www.hidexe.com

*This article is an advertorial provided by Hidexe.