The Chittagong Rawhide Wholesalers Cooperative Society has demanded the immediate reopening of two tanneries in Chittagong during a press conference on September 3, 2016.

Addressing his speech to Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister, Alhaj Md Sekander Meah, President of the Cooperative Society, pointed out that hundreds of job losses had already occurred in the region following the closures of several tanneries in the past, and that this new situation further aggravates the traders’ problems.

As reported by ILM, Bangladesh’s Department of Environment had recently ordered the closure of the last two tanneries still operational in Chittagong, Madina Tannery and Riff Leather, until the Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) had been constructed and fully installed.

While Riff Leather is said to have started the process of constructing the ETP, the Madina Tannery, however, has a lack of funds.

According to Sekander Meah, the traders will incur greater losses this year because of the higher price of salt used in processing raw hides. He also claimed that tanneries in Chittagong had applied to relocate factories to the new Savar Industrial Zone but their applications were refused.

Source: Financial Express