Over the last twelve months, Hidexe founders have worked hard to design and develop software that will enable the industry to create its own digital ecosystem that will serve as a ‘business accelerator’ and enable the industry to keep up with the latest trends and opportunities, and benefit from them, while radically simplifying logistics, shortening time-to-market and improving inventory turnover.

Through our innovative cloud-based software solutions, specifically designed for the needs of hide and leather traders and other industry professionals worldwide, Hidexe delivers a personalised experience by licencing its integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Virtual Private Auction (VPA) software that provide effective, integrated tools for improving your marketing, sales, documentation, fulfilment functions and other back-office functions.

The patented Hidexe software is currently the only industry specific solution available on the market that can be integrated into your system immediately. It is both modern and future-proof, since we continuously roll out improvements, added features and API integration possibilities.

The Hidexe software suite is an intuitive and user-friendly solution that will bring clients additional efficiency, as it requires practically no training, thus enabling them to focus on core business issues. By leveraging our global industry experience, our aim is to provide hide and leather professionals with digital tools that improve internal and external real-time communications, as well as improve their commercial and back-office operations and logistics. Our software features an efficient dashboard to help clients quickly respond to market supply and demand movements, contract counterparties and make well-informed business decisions quickly and confidently. Our software suite comes with a built-in International Council of Hides, Skins and Leather Traders Association (ICHSLTA) automated documentation module, analytics and reporting.

The ongoing pilot tests with the leading slaughterhouses, tanneries and traders are receiving positive feedback, enabling Hidexe to continue to build relevant and easy-to-use cloud-based software solutions going forward.
If you would like to discover the benefits of Hidexe’s cloud-based software solutions and help us design new tools and features, please contact us at contact@hidexe.com.

For technical enquiries, please contact:
Chief Technology & Innovation Officer
Mobile: +352 661 255 251

*This article is an advertorial feature provided by Hidexe.