 Become a digital player with a global reach with only a few clicks
 Eliminate the need to maintain expensive overseas rep offices
 Global auctions ensure that your product will not be restricted to the local demand, and will attract the highest bid from all corners of the world

Relevance is Hidexe’s Holy Grail

 Relevant for tanneries trading a handful of containers per week, all the way to the major industry players who operate large-scale wholesale businesses
 Bespoke software applications aimed specifically at the hide and leather industry, featuring:
o public and private virtual auctions
o sourcing & procurement modules
o automated contract documentation tools
enabling professionals to participate in and benefit from an optimised and integrated global digital ecosystem for hide, skins, leather and by-products

Convenience is the way forward

 Hidexe’s cloud-based software allows you to streamline paper-heavy sourcing activities like never before, and to perform all procurement tasks in one place, from any location (home/office/etc), browser or device, 24/7
 Extremely cost-efficient, hassle-free and requires no training

We are keen to give you a virtual test-drive and to demonstrate the benefits of our auction creation, documentation, fulfilment, and other back-office communication tools. For more information and to sign up, click here

*This article in an advertorial provided by Hidexe.