Hidexe software allows users not only to quickly acquire or sell commodity products, but also to do so with confidence and in a very transparent manner.

Hidexe’s development team has been testing user acceptance with a group of target users (mostly large and mid-sized tanneries) to evaluate software performance in the real-world conditions in different IT and work environments. User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and many of the initial customer suggestions were taken on board and integrated in the initial release.

Hidexe arrives on the market during a global pandemic that has intensified a digital transition many businesses are undertaking as they adopt tools to boost interaction with suppliers and customers online, and to better run internal processes. Given that the hide and leather industry has traditionally been an off-line industry based around tradeshows and personal relationships, the current Covid-19 operating constraints are now revealing that many companies are not well prepared for disruptions in their supply chains and are now re-evaluating how to efficiently procure materials going forward.

Since the early-adopters have recognised the positive business case for adopting H-SaaS not only for themselves, but for the industry as a whole, Hidexe is now releasing its software ahead of schedule to assist the industry during the period when the industry is facing unprecedented operating challenges.
H-SaaS is available 24/7, giving its licensed users global reach, while accelerating and streamlining complex, paper-heavy and repetitive procurement and logistics-related processes. Crucially, this can now be done with a few clicks, without any specialised training or equipment, and across the entire hide and leather supply chain.
Based on the first glimpse into Hidexe’s digital hide and leather ecosystem, the early adopters have recognised the value of this modern, user-friendly, cloud-based App that will enable the industry to keep up with the latest trends and opportunities, benefit from them, and radically shorten time-to-market and improve inventory turnover.

Hidexe is confident that its core product will help the industry not only to weather the current storm, but also to enhance margins, efficiency, and transparency in the longer run. Hidexe continues to work diligently to gain global acceptance, as well as positive endorsements from large buyers and suppliers by capitalising on existing relationships, and by providing our users with efficient access to standardised data and unparalleled information regarding inventory and pricing.

Hidexe has other exciting projects in its pipeline that will power a more efficient and prosperous future for the entire hide and leather industry in the decades to come.

*This article is an advertorial provided by Hidexe.