Based in the Balearic island of Mallorca, Alta Zapateria is one of Spain’s leading shoe manufacturers with international retail stores in New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Sidney. Each of its Carmina brand shoes are handmade in a manufacturing process that may involve as many as 300 production steps. Despite its strong focus on traditional craftsmanship, Alta Zapateria has invested modern production equipment, such as the Zünd G3 cutter with projection system, enabling digital leather cutting to become an integral part of Company’s production workflow.

Antonio Albadalejo, CEO, Alta Zapateria, says the primary goal of the cutter acquisition was to preserve the Company’s many proprietary templates in digital form. Other requirements for the new cutting system were to increase the precision of the leather cutting process and to speed up the time-consuming punching operations dictated by intricate hole patterns. “With the new cutting system, we are taking a step into high technology while still maintaining our identity as a high-end shoe manufacturer who takes great pride in traditional production methods”, said Albadalejo.

Up until now, innumerable cardboard templates were stored in boxes, requiring maintenance and organisation that became increasingly complex and laborious. By digitising the Company’s exclusive templates, Alta Zapateria says it has been able to significantly increase production security. Also, implementing model changes or modifications of existing templates has become quicker and easier.